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  • About NABERS Data Centre Assessor training

    The NABERS Energy for data centres rating tools provide a market opportunity for existing NABERS Accredited Assessors as well as IT professionals who want to become NABERS accredited.

    One of our experienced NABERS Trainers will conduct this intensive full day workshop. The course will cover the development of the NABERS Energy for data centres rating tool and provide a comprehensive overview on how to understand and apply the rules for conducting a rating. The format consists of presentations, Q&A, and small group activities.

    The training includes a one hour phone conference a week after the training, to answer any queries you may have following the training.

    See our training schedule to register your interest in attending a face-to-face data centre training session or enrolling in any upcoming sessions.

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  • Becoming Accredited

    Formal NABERS Energy for data centre ratings can be conducted by NABERS Accredited Assessors or those who first complete the Core Assessor Course. The accreditation process for NABERS Energy for data centres includes a one day face-to-face training course and a written exam. Those who successfully complete the training requirements will need to undergo a Supervised Rating for their first data centre rating.

    • Existing NABERS Accredited Assessors:

    As NABERS Accredited Assessors, you have already attended the introductory course or completed NABERS Essentials, and passed as a minimum the Core Assessor Course.

    To become accredited for Data Centres, you will be required to:

    - attend the one day NABERS Energy for data centres Training Course; and
    - pass the written data centres exam

    Your first data centre rating will be supervised. Please note that the rating lodgement fee for the NABERS data centre Supervised Ratings applies for existing NABERS Accredited Assessors.

    • Becoming a NABERS Accredited Assessor for Data Centres ONLY:

    If you are interested in becoming accredited for NABERS for Data Centres ONLY and are thus new to the NABERS program, you will be required to:

    - complete NABERS Essentials, our introductory e-learning course; and
    - complete the Core Assessor Course; and
    - attend the one day NABERS Energy for data centres Training Course; and
    - pass the written data centres exam

    Note: The rating lodgement fee is waived for the first Supervised Rating for people who seek accreditation for data centres only.

    The NABERS program relates to existing buildings and applicants should be comfortable with analysing these buildings and auditing information such as energy consumption, metering diagrams and IT equipment. Every assessment includes at least one site visit to confirm data.

    You will need to have the confidence and ability to inspect data centres and to interpret engineering documents including drawings and plant specifications and IT equipment. You must also understand your responsibilities under the OH&S Act within the state you are operating in. Many existing Assessors are engineers, architects and facility managers.

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  • Course fee

    For course and training fees please refer to our Fees page.

    Payment is by VISA or Mastercard only. Once you have registered, you will automatically receive a confirmation notice/invoice. Please save a copy for your reference. 

    Please note that the course is all inclusive and individual items cannot be undertaken separately. Our cancellation policy is outlined below.

    NABERS uses the dedicated software NABERS Rate to input rating data and calculate rating results. Candidates must ensure their hardware and operating system will support the program: click here for the details of system requirements for NABERS Rate.

    Re-sit exam fees
    If you fail the exam and the National Administrator advises you that you are eligible to resit the NABERS Energy for data centre examination. For exam resit fees please refer to our Fees page.

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  • Cancellation policy

    A full refund will be paid on cancellations made 10 working days before the Assessor Course date when made in writing to the NABERS Training Administration Officer. Cancellations made less than 10 working days before the course will not be accepted and will be charged the full fee. Registrants may only elect to send a replacement in their place if that replacement meets the course pre-requisites. Trainees who miss a session due to illness can transfer to another session (pending availability) - refunds will only be paid on the provision of a medical certificate.

    For further information about fees please refer to our Fees page.

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