Promoting your rating

  • Promoting your rating

    A key part of your sustainability journey is promoting your achievements to others. A NABERS rating is a nationally recognised and trusted symbol of environmental performance so we encourage you to promote your rating so that your customers, employees, suppliers and partners know what you’re doing and what you’ve achieved.

    You can report and promote your accredited rating for as long as it is current, which is generally twelve months from certification. Remember, a high NABERS rating is a widely recognised mark of excellent environmental achievement so it’s a valuable marketing tool. You can use your NABERS rating to demonstrate your commitment to improving performance, or to promote your sustainability achievements.

    If your building is new or undergoing refurbishment, and you would like to promote your future NABERS rating performance, you will need to sign a NABERS Commitment Agreement.

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  • Your rating on the NABERS website

    With your agreement, your rating result will be published on the NABERS website, and will appear in the searchable rated buildings list.  If you do not want your rating to be made public, make sure your Assessor knows to select this option in the application form. However, if your rating is for Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD), it will automatically be publicised on the CBD website.

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  • Using the NABERS rating certificate

    When your rating is approved you will receive a certificate via email. You can display the certificate in your premises while the rating is valid. If you would like to receive a framed copy of the certificate, please select the framing option on your application form. A fee applies for framing.

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  • Using the NABERS rating symbol

    You can also use the NABERS Rating Symbol that applies to your rating. You can display the rating symbol on the building itself, or on publications or websites referring to the rated premises, for as long as the rating is current. To obtain a copy of the Rating Symbol, email NABERS with the details of your rating. The NABERS Rating Symbol Guidelines outline how the symbol should be used, and provides ideas to help you communicate your commitment to sustainability.

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  • Rating your portfolio

    If you have rated some or all of the buildings in your portfolio, you can calculate and promote an average rating for your portfolio. Simply follow the instructions provided in the Ruling: Calculating average NABERS rating for a portfolio.

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  • Sharing your story

    We're always happy to highlight exceptional or unique environmental achievements on our website. If you think that your rating and how you achieved it would make an interesting case study, contact NABERS with details of your project and rating and we'll get back to you.

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