The accredited rating process

  • Obtaining an accredited rating

    Obtaining an accredited rating generally takes six to eight weeks from start to finish.

    The best way to ensure an Accredited Assessor can complete the rating quickly is to keep good records and have all the appropriate data on hand. See Prepare for a rating for advice on gathering the right data.

    To find an assessor, you can search the Assessor list on our website. As with any service, we advise you to seek a number of quotes. Costs will vary from one assessor to another, and will depend on the type of rating you are undertaking, the size of your building, and the difficulty of gathering the appropriate data.

    As a general rule, completing more than one rating at a building or workplace, such as a rating for Energy and for Water, will save you money. You will need to advise your assessor if the rating is for Commercial Building Disclosure, CitySwitch, a NABERS Commitment Agreement, a government tenancy or the Energy Savings Scheme.

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  • The rating application process

    Here's how the rating application process works:

    1. The customer (building owner/manager/tenant) commissions an accredited rating from an Assessor.

    2. The Assessor compiles data, including a site visit to the building for verification, and calculates the rating.

    3. The assessor submits the rating application to the NABERS National Administrator.

    4. The administrator reviews, verifies and certifies the rating.

    5. The administrator issues the customer with a rating certificate

    6. The customer is able to promote NABERS rating while the rating certificate is valid (generally 12 months).

    7. Customers use rating results to monitor and improve performance.

    OEH endeavours to process completed rating applications within three working weeks of their receipt. However, if a rating application doesn't comply or follow up with the Accredited Assessor is necessary, the process may take longer. Customers will be informed if their rating application is delayed for any reason.

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