How is a NABERS Waste rating for offices calculated?

  • NABERS Waste

    NABERS Waste allows you to compare the waste generation and recycling performance of your office building or tenancy relative to similar premises in the market place and is the first step in reducing your impact on the environment.

    NABERS Waste measures two things: the amount of material generated (garbage, recyclables, re-use etc) by a building and how much of that is diverted to landfill/disposal as a percentage of total materials generated.

    You can choose to rate a base building, an individual tenancy or the whole building.

    Here’s how it works:

    The rating is based on a simplified waste audit. Ten consecutive days are measured to represent the behaviour of a building and its occupants throughout the year. This waste audit is carried out at the end of each day and does not impact on the performance of the office.

    The results are then measured against the NABERS Waste benchmarks and your building is given a star rating that represents your performance.

    A Waste Audit Guide helps you to perform waste audits and collect data for an accredited NABERS Waste rating.

    The document can also help you to collect data for a self-assessment.

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