NABERS Equipped

  • NABERS Equipped

    NABERS Equipped enables licensed external organisations to incorporate the NABERS algorithms into their products or systems to estimate NABERS ratings based on real-time energy data.

    Many service providers have already taken up this opportunity, which entitles you to:

    • the use of the purchased NABERS algorithms and all related reference data for calculating the star ratings
    • any update to the purchased algorithms arising from the review of the tools
    • access to our project officer who will answer your queries in relation to the implementation of the algorithms
    • the use of a specific NABERS logo on your promotional material to denote that the algorithms are originated from NABERS.

    To obtain and incorporate the algorithms of our tools in your product, you will have to sign an agreement with OEH and pay the licence fees. Please contact the NABERS team for the fee schedule.

    The agreement is for a term of three (3) years and upon the expiry of the three year period we will review the terms and conditions for continuing the arrangements.

    For further enquiries, please contact the NABERS team using the contact tab in the top menu.

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  • NABERS tracking services

    If you are a building owner or manager, please refer to the list of service providers below for NABERS tracking services.


    Company Website Tracking available
    Honeywell Ltd NABERS Energy for Offices
    CBRE NABERS Energy for Offices
    EP&T Pty Ltd NABERS Energy & Water for Offices
    Envizi NABERS Energy & Water for Offices

    Schneider Electric
    (Australia) Pty Ltd NABERS Energy & Water for Offices
    NABERS Energy & Water for Hotels
    NABERS Energy & Water for Shopping Centres
    NABERS Energy for Data Centres
    Optergy NABERS Energy & Water for Offices
    Switch Automation NABERS Energy & Water for Offices
    VRT Systems NABERS Energy for Data Centres
    Kinesis NABERS Energy & Water for Offices


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