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  • Creative Stars Challenge

    Dear property sector,

    At NABERS, we’ve been missing a trick.

    Your industry has a talent for aesthetics. You create buildings that are attractive, exciting and inventive. Our skyline is decorated with your achievements. NABERS Creative Stars

    But so far we’ve not utilised your knack for creating beautiful things to celebrate the NABERS ratings you invest so much time and effort to achieve.

    We think it’s time for that to change. We want to tap in to your creative genius to find more imaginative ways to display your ratings.

    We want to collaborate with you so your people, clients and visitors understand your vision, engage with your sustainability journey and are inspired to embark on their own.

    How do we see this happening?

    Step one – we have replaced our old brand guidelines with a new ‘Customer Marketing Toolkit’. This is an entirely new approach to often rigid, traditional branding – it recognises the individuality of each building and celebrates this through a more flexible approach. This toolkit is full of ideas to get you thinking how you could display your ratings.

    Step two- we want to stimulate your competitive nature. So we’re teaming up with The Fifth Estate to run a ‘NABERS Creative Stars Challenge’. The Fifth Estate will cover stories on entrants and host a workshop to get property owners and designers together to discuss ideas and considerations.

    The winner will receive an award and have their display showcased by NABERS at various sustainability events throughout the year, as well as a full write-up of the display featured in The Fifth Estate.

    All buildings with a current NABERS rating are eligible to enter. Entries will be judged on:

    Degree of innovation
    Aesthetic quality

    (full judging criteria here)

    There are some ‘must haves’ (see the toolkit for more details), aside from those few points, we want to see you get creative and think outside the box.

    Entries close on Friday 9 June 2017. The winners will be announced in late June 2017. To enter, email your entry from to

    Submissions will be judged by a panel of experts from the design, property and marketing industries, and a NABERS representative.

    If you’d like to be involved in the challenge, join the kick-off workshop or download an entry form from the resources library on (search for ‘entry form’).

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