What is an Accredited Assessor?

  • What is a NABERS Accredited Assessor?

    NABERS Accredited Assessors are professionals who are trained and accredited to perform NABERS ratings. While they are accredited by OEH, they operate independently and are not employed by OEH.

    Accredited ratings can only be performed by Accredited Assessors, who collect and verify all the data for a rating according to the NABERS rules or validation protocols.

    Accredited Assessors have met strict selection criteria, undergone training, passed a theory and practical exam, passed two supervised ratings, and agree to abide by the NABERS Code of Practice.

    Assessors are skilled in the management and operation of buildings, and have expertise in energy and water efficiency, waste management or indoor environment quality.

    Look for the NABERS Accredited Assessor logo – only NABERS Accredited Assessors are able to use this symbol to promote their services.

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  • What training do they undertake?

    Please see the NABERS Accredited Assessor training page for a summary of the training required.

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  • Working as an Assessor

    NABERS Accredited Assessors are not OEH employees. They offer their services independently of OEH. To work as an Accredited Assessor, they must pay an annual accreditation fee and enter into an Assessor Agreement with OEH. This outlines the terms and conditions of their Accreditation.

    Assessors are also required to abide by a strict Code of Conduct. Their employer must also sign a NABERS Company contract with OEH.

    Please see our Fees page for details on the Annual Accreditation fee.

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